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See what Readers have to say about
The Ragdoll and The Marine
By Guam Native 🇬🇺 Nicole A. Calvo 

"A gripping story that captures the essence of love and innocence in the midst of war and chaos..."

"This is a wonderful book that made me laugh and made me cry..."

"...I was impressed with her writing skills, along with the ability to make me 'see' everything she was talking about."

"...Your memoir gave me everything: Culture, History, Politics, Emotions - good, bad, laughter, pain, confusion, clarity and very descriptive. But most importantly love and family. Natty's life is one I'm privileged to know of as an extremely open, courageously strong woman."


Bestseller Bookstore: All 3 locations in Guam.
List of addresses:

I Puti'on: The Star: located at 
The Chamorro Village Market
Stop in and visit the owner, Bal Aguon.
Who knows what other treasures you'll find.


Pacific Historic Parks - War in the Pacific National Historical Park Bookstore:
T. Stell Newman Visitor Center
Building 1656-B
Old Army Reserve Road, Sumay, Guam

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