As a child of the Western Pacific Island of Guam, Nicole A. Calvo’s fascination with writing was fueled by her mother Natty's tales of exotic legends, ghostly folklore and family experiences that encouraged and molded her sense of imagination.

Nicole’s life has journeyed through careers as a teacher of history and literature, a project director for the preservation of language, culture and historic structures and sites of her indigenous Chamorro ethnicity, an executive director for a non-profit organization and currently as the Department of Chamorro Affairs, Museum Administrator at the Senator Antonio M. Palomo Guam Museum and Chamorro Educational Facility.

At first, Nicole's writing was technical in nature; as an English teacher then later as a grant writer for non-profit organizations.  Nicole's writing has come full circle with the release of her book "The Ragdoll and The Marine", a story of a chance encounter that inspired and shaped her life.

Nicole’s passion for the work of non-profits that help to preserve and perpetuate her Chamorro Heritage as well as solve societal issues and her aspirations of writing prose and poetry that are thought-provoking, humorous and memorable are finally becoming more of a reality than just a dream these days.

To learn more about Nicole please see the following essay titled "Another Chance".

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 The agdoll and The Marine